Dental handpieces

The customer must carefully consider the investment in replacing bearings, and after replacing the bearings. Important factors such as the longevity of the battery, the impact on the doctor’s work efficiency, etc., 

This is the concern of every user, so when we provide dental handpieces, we try our best to check and test to give customers a quality guarantee.

The dental handpieces sold in our company are guaranteed for one year (except for special offers). If there are any quality problems during the warranty period, Welcome your feedback,we will give you a best answer at the first time.


1. The dental handpiece adopts ceramic bearings and has a long service life.

2. The cutting force of the dental handpiece is large.

3. The water mist of the dental handpiece is uniform and the cooling effect is good.

4.High safety and stability

5. Good noise control of dental handpieces, low noise

6. Reasonable price