low speed water spray Contra Angle Dental Handpiece

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low speed water spray Contra Angle Dental Handpiece 
Enhanced Gartli, no need to change the needle tool, the atomization effect of the needle can be taken by pressing, and the flushing is more thorough, the water vapor pipe is geographically distributed, the performance cooling system, the dual-hole spray handpiece and the built-in cooling system. One machine has multiple functions, high and low speed head (FG/CA) head is matched.  
Instructions for use:
High temperature sterilization should be carried out before the first use: the sterilization temperature is 135°C, and the time is 12 minutes. After each use, high temperature and high pressure disinfection must be carried out in accordance with the following methods. 1. Take the bur out of the mobile phone, then use a soft brush to clean the dirt on the dental handpiece, and then wipe it with a sterile alcohol cotton ball. 2. Lubricate the dental handpiece and put 2 drops into the supply tube at a time. 3. Pack and mark with sterilization bag. 4. Carry out high temperature sterilization: sterilization temperature is 135°C, time is 12min.


Name :Low speed dental handpieces
Rotationg speed :20,000-30,000r.p.m
Material of the handle :Copper
Chuck Type :Wrench Bur
applicable :2.335-2.355mm
Working air pressure :0.30-0.345mpa
Noise: Less than 65dB
Delivery Time :3-5 days
OEM avaliable :Yes