Low speed dental handpiece

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Low speed dental handpiece
Autoclavable 135°C
Clean Head System
Spray Nozzle can be used
Disposible Prophy Heads can be attached
Rotate speed:MAX 25,000 r.p.m

Suitable for both steam and chemical autoclave
1. E-Type Connector and back plate is made of stainless steel. 
2. This handle rotary part, which we adopt N S K’s construction and technology.It is much easy to release the burs. While rotating it’s more Smooth and durable. It will be not damaged by fatigue test of rotating more than 500 times.
3. Reliable performance and Can be 135℃ Sterilized. 
4. Skillful manufacture and precise process.

Working pressure:0.3-0.35mpa
Water pressure:198ka (2kg)
Rotation speed:22,000~30,000r/min
Disinfection:135 0C