Single spray dental handpiece

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Single spray dental handpiece for sales
1.four water spray, water-air separate system, anti-retraction valve,reduce cross-infection.
2.Patented high speed head power structure
3.Patented KV structure spindle,run-out ≤ 0.008mm, chucking force ≥3.5kg, prevent burs flying and guarantee safety.
4. Airflow stabilization device keeps stable speed, reducing bearing damage.
5.Ceramic ball bearing

source of light :LED
cooling type :single water spray
rated air pressure :0.2Mpa
water pressure :1.2Mpa
chuck bur :push button
noise  :<70dB
bearing :P4 ceramic bearing
material of inner pipe :stainless steel
disinfection available to 135℃
disinfection rated rotation
speed :350000-400000rpm