high speed air turbine Dental handpiece

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The collect type movement compared with open movement, more can guarantee the movement up and down bearing concentricity. the machine maintenance is simple, can be more than stopwatch used alternately to extend service life. classic non-slip pattern, feel more comfortable  large torque for tooth strength  handset tall nozzle are doing precision chamfering, neat, beautiful appearance   handpiece for single point of water. drainage holes and air flow adopts precision edm, the atomization effect is better.

Product Name :Standard Head Handpiece
Material:Metal Bearing Ceramic Bearing
Air consumption:40L/min
Applicable Burs:1.59-1.60mm
Working Air Pressure:0.25Mpa-0.3Mpa(Recommended 0.25Mpa)
Head Size:Φ8.9MM
Rotation Speed:380,000-420,000rpm
Noise:less than 75dB