45 Degree LED lamp shadowless Stainless steel High speed dental handpiece

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45 Degree/Ring LED lamp/Stainless steel/High speed handpiece
1.Cooling type: single water spray
2.Chuck bur: push button
3.Rated air pressure: 0.2-0.3mpa
4.Head size: 1.595-1.6mm
5.Water pressure: 0.2mpa
6.Speed: 350000-400000rpm
7.Noise: <65dB
8.Connection: B2/M4
9.Bearing: P4 ceramic bearing
10.Material of inner pipe: stainless steel
1.Newest LED improvements to extend work life.
2.Integrated machining and forming head(Strong  power/low voice).
3.Integral stainless steel body(light  weight,Resistance to fall and scratch).
4.Cartridge with best ceramic bearing and dynamic testing(better sound/  smooth/worklife)