Maintenance of dental light curing machine

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The main function of the halogen light cold light curing lamp is to polymerize the light curing composite resin material to meet the needs of repairing the defect of the anterior teeth, and beautifying and beautifying the teeth. When working, according to the thickness of the curing material, choose a reasonable curing time, press the trigger switch, the electronic switch circuit will work, and output a control signal to trigger the thyristor electronic device to turn on, so the 12V voltage is applied to the halogen bulb to make It glows brightly, passes the effective light of a specific wavelength through the interference filter, and then outputs blue light through the optical fiber tube (or optical fiber rod), thereby curing the composite resin material.

1. The bulbs used in the light curing machine are commonly used in diameter 35mm, 12V/75W silver bowl bulbs, which are divided into needle-shaped flat feet and flaky flat feet. The bulb is the main component of the luminous source, and it is prone to poor contact with the lamp holder during use, or the appearance of oxide layer dirt on the needle-shaped and flaky flat feet. In these situations, use assorted files or sandpaper to remove dirt to keep the bulb bright. In addition, if the silver bowl bulb is used for a long time, the coating on the silver bowl may fall off, which will affect the luminous effect. You should ask professional maintenance personnel to replace the bulb with the same specification.

2. Thermal protectors are connected in series in the feed point loop of the silver bowl bulb. If the thermal protector is damaged, the bright 12V voltage of the bulb cannot be applied. At this time, there is no possibility of blue light output. After checking and confirming, a new thermal protector should be replaced and connected in series in the bulb feed circuit.

3. The trigger switch is a key component that controls the operation of the electronic switch circuit. The trigger switch is normal, and the electronic switch circuit can work normally after it is pressed, and the light bulb will be bright. The inside of the trigger switch is a contact type structure, and it is prone to poor contact contact after a long time of use. The contacts should be cleaned regularly with electronic cleaners. If the trigger switch is indeed damaged, replace the trigger switch of the same specification.

4. The filter of the interference filter is coated with filter material to ensure that useful light passes through and useless light is filtered out. If the filter material of the light curing machine used for a long time falls off, it will affect the illumination effect of the output light. At this time, you should find the manufacturer to buy a new filter.

5. The optical fiber tube (or optical fiber rod) should be kept clean at the end surface, and the optical fiber tube cannot be bent. When using a light curing machine, keep its end face at a distance of 2mm from the surface of the composite resin material, and observe that no dirt is attached to the end face, otherwise it should be removed in time to ensure the best transmission effect of blue light.

6. When the light curing machine is in normal use, the cooling fan must be running. If the fan does not turn, check whether the fan is broken in time, and replace it with a new one if it is damaged.


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