How to choose dental x ray machine

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Dental X-ray machine may cause electromagnetic interference to other devices by air or by connecting cables.EMC refers to the ability of the device to suppress the electromagnetic interference of other devices without causing similar electromagnetic interference to other devices. The product design according with YY0505-2012 class 1, type A standard.Comply with the following EMC electromagnetic compatibility radiation and electromagnetic immunity declaration.
Product basic performance
1.Product working principle
High voltage generator provide high voltage on both ends of the X-ray tube filament and a metal target, X ray tube cathode filament produced a large number of electrons in a vacuum tube high-speed movement, hit the metal target, to produce x-rays.
In hospital when using dental X-ray take image, X-ray generator emit x-rays through the body teeth, muscle groups such as density, will be through the body's tissues with image information of X rays by dental medical film image receiver, show the density of different tooth tissue images, used for clinical diagnosis.
2.Product main structure
Dental X-ray machine consist by x ray main body, charger, holder. Main body consist by screen board, control board, remote control board, x-ray tube component, battery. X-ray tube component consist by x-ray glass, high voltage generator and cone.
3.Main performance
Tube voltage: 60 KV
Tube current: 1.5 mA
Exposure time: 0.2 s ~ 3.2 S, 0.02 S per file.
4.Device Type
According to the protection of the risk of electric shock, this equipment belong to class II type B applied part.
1.The scope of application:
dental X-ray machine get the human oral cavity image by x ray photography used for medical imaging diagnosis.
2.The scope of using:
Need trained oral dentists or technician to use. For adults and children's Diagnosis.
Product performance
1.Conditions of operation:
Atmospheric pressure: 70Kpa~106Kpa
Environmental temperature:+10℃~+40℃
Relative humidity:30%~75%
2.Condition of transportation and store:
Environmental temperature: -20℃~ +50℃
Relative humidity:10%~90%
Atmospheric pressure:50KPa~106KPa
3.Battery conditions:
Battery: 6600mAh/14.8V
Charger input voltage: single AC220V, 50HZ
Charger output voltage: DC16.8V
Charging current: 2.5A
4.1 Tube voltage:60kVp (stable)
4.2 Tube current:1.5mA (stable)
4.3 Nominal electric power:90W(60kv 1.5mA 0.2S)
Max output electric power: 90W(
60kv 1.5mA)
4.4 The way of running: Break load; continuous operation
4.5 Loading time: 0.2~3.2s
4.6 working frequency:30kHz
4.7 main body fuse type:F20AL250V
Charger fuse type:SMT T3.15AL,250Vac


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