Maintenance of Dental Autoclave Sterilizer

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Sterilizer is an instrument that can kill or remove all microorganisms on the transmission medium, including bacterial spores and non-pathogenic microorganisms. There are usually three methods: moist heat sterilization, dry heat sterilization, and chemical sterilization.

The Dental Autoclave Sterilizer consists of a water tank, a sterilization chamber, a thermal insulation layer, a door body, a pipeline system, a control system and an outer casing. The sterilizer should have a 121°C or 134°C setting program. The sterilization temperature should not exceed the set temperature of 4 °C; the temperature difference between any two points should not exceed 2 °C; the performance of other products should meet the technical requirements of registered products. Doing good maintenance and maintenance is actually the best way to prolong the life of each instrument and reduce the incidence of failures. There is no shortage of sterilizers. After all, long-term sterilization of sterilizers is also necessary. Better maintenance and maintenance are required.

1. Daily maintenance
1.1 Scrub the exterior of the sterilizer and keep the sterilization chamber clean and dry every day
1.2 Cleaning of the filter screen, the filter screen is easily attached to various fiber debris and sediments, which will seriously affect the speed of vacuuming and the smoothness of condensed water treatment
1.3 Check whether the rubber ring is damaged or not and whether the air inlet is blocked. It is best to apply talcum powder on the rubber strip after using it every day to prolong the service life of the rubber strip.
1.4 Check whether the pointer of the pressure gauge can return to "0", and the degree is not accurate
1.5 After the sterilization work is over, cut off the power supply, turn off the power supply, and turn off the steam power supply.

2. Regular maintenance:
2.1 Clean the inner wall of the sterilization pot with neutral detergent every week; remove the remaining water inside the boiler and close the valve in time
2.2 Pull the handle of the safety valve in the inner chamber of the sterilizer once a month and flush it with steam to prevent its action from malfunctioning. At the same time, it should be noted that the sterilization room must be thoroughly descaled, repaired and maintained at least once a month. When descaling, properly mix water and descaling agent according to the principle of 1:100, and then perform descaling after mixing evenly. After 10 minutes, clean the container and then wipe the container with a lint-free cloth to keep the container dry. The sterilization room and the cleaning car can also be cleaned according to the above method, and the stainless steel parts should be wiped with gauze soaked in paraffin oil.
2.3 Every quarter, let the pressure sterilizer manufacturer carry out large-scale maintenance and repair work on the instrument. For example, check whether the door panel of the autoclave is flat, and remove the cover panel in the autoclave. At the same time, rust should be removed for the rusted parts, and high temperature lubricating oil should be added to the pressure sterilizer.
2.4 Remove the sealing strip every half a year, clean it with soapy liquid, wipe it with alcohol and dry it, and then put it back into the sealing tank; descale the steam generator; clean the air inlet and water inlet pipe filters; And steam generator pressure gauge sent to the Measurement Technology Testing Institute for testing and retain the test certificate.
2.5 The sterilizer and the safety valve of the steam generator are sent to the Special Equipment Supervision and Inspection Institute for inspection once a year and the inspection report is retained.

Whether it is daily maintenance or regular maintenance, it is an opportunity for the instrument to rejuvenate. In the day-to-day work, it can also feel a refreshing maintenance, which can not only prolong the service life, but also stabilize the way it works.


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