Correct use of transparent scaler

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Periodontal disease is one of the frequently-occurring and common diseases in oral diseases. The statistical incidence rate is high in all countries in the world. Teeth cleaning is an ideal treatment method for periodontal disease. Ultrasonic scaler is an efficient scaler. It uses high-frequency vibration energy to remove calculus and plaque, especially for calculus, soft scale and pigment attached to the tooth surface. The rational use of ultrasonic scaler is very important. Improper operation will cause damage to the tooth and even the pulp tissue, and will also cause premature wear of the cutter head and loss of power.


1. Principle of action

The ultrasonic scaler consists of two parts: an ultrasonic generator and a converter, and is equipped with a mobile phone, a replaceable working head, and a foot switch. Its working principle is to convert electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical energy, so that the working head vibrates at a high speed. The frequency is between 25kHz and 32kHz. This high-frequency vibration can break the calculus and cause it to fall off the tooth surface. Since the ultrasonic wave causes the high-frequency vibration of the working head to generate a lot of heat, it must be equipped with a cooling system. At the same time, through the cavitation of water It generates pressure locally to clean the surgical area.

2. Clinical Operation

1). Use the modified pen type to hold the handpiece of the instrument, and make a conventional fulcrum in the mouth to stabilize the instrument.

2). Make the long axis of the working head parallel to the long axis of the tooth body, the working angle is not more than 15°, and try to make the working head fit the tooth surface as much as possible.

3). The working head should not stop on the tooth surface. Always keep it moving on the tooth surface. The end of the working head cannot be vertically aligned with the tooth surface. When removing calculus, the pressure should be light, and the calculus should be dislocated by vertical or oblique movements. If the working head is stuck between the teeth, the work should be stopped immediately. Then gently withdraw in the direction of the abduction gap, do not twist strongly, and do not try to withdraw while maintaining the working state, otherwise the cutter head will be easily broken, especially the powerful imported scaler.

4). When the patient wears a porcelain crown and bridge, and the adjacent occlusal surface has fillings, photosensitive resin and other restorations, the working head should not move directly on the coronal surface or fillings, so as to avoid crown cracks or fillings falling off.

5). During subgingival scaling, the side of the working tip moves gently back and forth along the gingival margin, and gradually moves down. The end of the working tip is long and tapered, which can extend into the periodontal pocket, and insert the probe into the periodontal pocket. To a certain depth, guide the working tip to move slowly along the incisal plane of the tooth for 30-60 seconds, and then remove the working tip from the periodontal pocket.

3. Performance characteristics

1). Ultrasonic scaler has the advantages of high speed, high efficiency, time saving and labor saving, constant vibration frequency, high strength, strength, durability, easy removal of calculus, small postoperative reaction of patients, and light tooth sensitivity.

2). Water volume adjustment, the working head is in the form of water mist as the standard. When there is dripping water, it means that the water volume is too large, and the water volume is too small, which will burn the patient's mucous membranes, lips, and damage the teeth and machines.

3). Ultrasonic vibration will produce a real cavitation effect, which is more effective in killing anaerobic bacteria in the periodontal pocket.

4). It can meet various clinical needs and has a wide range of uses, such as removing crowns, removing studs, and replacing special cutter heads for root canal treatment.

4. Cleaning, maintenance and disinfection

The shell, transformer, foot flat wrench, mobile phone line, etc. can be wiped with a neutral and clean soft cloth containing alcohol and no abrasive. The working handle can be sterilized by high temperature, high pressure and chemical disinfection. The front end of the handle can be removed for disinfection.

5. Precautions

1). When the handle is connected to the handle wire, just insert it lightly and do not turn it.

2). The shape, gloss and surface smoothness of each working tip are of extremely high standards. Please do not grind or modify it by yourself.3. When tightening and removing the working tip, it should be done in the direction of the axis of the handle.

4). During use, when the vibration is weakened, please pay attention to check whether the working tip is tightened.

5). When cleaning, just place the handle lightly on the tooth surface, no need to apply force.

6). Patients with bleeding tendency and those with an ultra-pacemaker are disabled.


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