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With more and more brands of dental handpieces on the market, everyone is dazzled. Each manufacturer has the key points and selling points of publicity, making it difficult to know where to start when purchasing dental handpieces. Faced with so many choices, how to choose?Where to buy? RUITO DENTAL EQUIPMENT COMPANY will give you some advice. First of all, when buying a dental handpieces, you must pay attention to the following four basic principles:

Several properties affecting cross-infection control

1. Safety performance
1). Whether the dental handpieces material selection and surface coating can withstand high temperature and high pressure disinfection above 135 degrees. Inferior metal or dental handpieces with poor coating process, the surface will be damaged after repeated high temperature and high pressure sterilization, which will affect the hand feel and not beautiful when used.

2). Whether the machine head has an anti-suction design: The anti-suction design is actually a precise one-way valve. Its function is like the valve in the heart or blood vessel, which only allows water to flow out, but cannot be sucked back. In this way, cross-infection caused by back suction can be effectively avoided. Even with the strict sterilization of the handpiece, there is still a risk of contamination in the lines of the dental unit! Anti-suction device can effectively prevent such pollution!

3). Whether it can accept professional hot cleaning: In developed countries, hot cleaning has long been included in the standard for disinfection and cleaning of oral instruments. Hot cleaning will greatly reduce the chance of people coming into direct contact with contaminated dental handpieces and will eventually become mainstream. Therefore, a good dental handpieces must be able to withstand the high pressure hot water flow in the thermal washer.

4. Whether there is a built-in filter: Advanced dental handpieces bearings are very precise, so the requirements for water quality are also higher. A replaceable built-in filter will be designed in the entry pipe of the dental handpieces to purify the water source.

A key feature that affects the safety of treatment: the cooling device of the dental handpieces

Every dental handpieces must have a spray, but it is not necessarily whether it has cooling in place. If the pulp is thermally damaged due to poor cooling, which leads to pulp lesions after tooth preparation, it will be troublesome. Moreover, there is often no reason for this complication. Because, there is no problem in operation? Pay attention when purchasing:

How many holes is the dental handpieces spray? The best is of course four-hole spray, with more cooling, even if there is a problem with one hole, the other holes can still ensure the cooling effect. But the dental handpieces with a porous spray is much more expensive than a single-hole spray. Where is the spray point on the head of the dental handpieces? Where does the spray reach the bur? The direction of the spray is very important. A good dental handpieces requires the spray to be stable and accurate, so as to ensure that the water mist gathers on the cutting point and achieves the cooling effect.(There is a good quality but reasonable price of Ruito dental handpieces,welcome to contact us to get price)

2. Work efficiency

1).The power of the dental handpieces: the greater the power, the greater the torque, and the displacement of the root car is similar, so there is no need to explain it.
2). The coating material on the surface of the dental handpieces and the anti-slip design: This is very important to the hand feel, whether it is comfortable to hold in your hand, you can only make a choice after you have experienced it yourself.
3). The weight of the dental handpieces and the pipeline is evenly distributed, and the position of the gravity balance point: the center of gravity is not good either.
4). The angle between the head and the fuselage: the angle has a great influence on the operation, especially for patients with limited posterior teeth and openings, improper angle will make the work difficult and the field of vision is unclear.
5). Dental handpieces noise: the quieter the better, everyone knows it.
6). Dental handpieces fiber brightness: it is best to be close to natural light. 25000LUX
7). Whether it is a quick-connect interface: the advantages of quick-connect connectors are many, but they are expensive.
8). Whether it is a push-type chuck: The thimble-type chuck is not as convenient as the push-type chuck, but the clamping force of some brands of push-type chucks is not enough, so be careful.
9). Dental handpieces maintenance materials and methods: This is the most easily overlooked issue. Many people buy a good dental handpieces, but they do not maintain it, which seriously affects the performance of the dental handpieces.

3. Service life

This is performance that everyone is concerned about. If there are frequent problems with the dental handpieces, which affects work efficiency and affects work mood, the following points determine the service life: brand and place of origin: the brand is very important, and the place of origin is also very important. The same brand may produce different things in different places. Everyone knows that big manufacturers build factories all over the place, but their core technologies may still be reserved. Therefore, it is best to buy a dental handpieces from a big brand and the original factory. Bearing material and process: First of all, look at the brand, ceramic bearings are generally better than steel ball bearings, but inferior ceramic bearings are not as good as good brand steel ball bearings.(Ruio dental handpice used for imported ball ceramic bearing with long working life)
The material and craftsmanship of the internal pipeline of the dental handpieces: This is invisible to ordinary people. If you purchase in large quantities, you can let the manufacturer show the internal structure.

4. Cost of use

Cost control is a very professional thing. A lot of statistical work needs to be done. For clinics, calculating the cost of a dental handpieces should not only look at its unit price, but should carefully calculate its usage, maintenance costs, etc., and make a comprehensive assessment. It is better to have more detailed records and analysis to find out the most critical factors that affect the cost and make improvements, rather than blindly buying low-priced products. Low-priced products only reduce the cost of purchase, but not necessarily effectively reduce the cost of use.

The simplified algorithm of the second is: ABC algorithm

A: The unit price of the dental handpieces

B: Maintenance cost: mainly maintenance oil

C: Number of uses: only approximate estimates, of course, it is better to record each time. Usage cost=(A+B)/C

I believe that everyone should pay attention to the following four basic principles when purchasing a dental handpieces, and also know how to choose a suitable dental handpiece in the future. For clinics with a large workload, you also need to calculate the doctor’s labor cost. If the doctor’s time It is very valuable, and it is also worth considering if you choose a high-end dental handpieces to save effective time.


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