How to choose dental LED curing light

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When purchasing an dental LED light curing machine, you should pay attention to the problem of LED overheating and light intensity decreasing too fast with time. This is actually a heat problem of LED. In order to obtain the large light energy output of the LED, the driving current of the LED must be increased as much as possible, but if the driving current is too large, the LED will generate serious heat, which will greatly shorten the service life of the LED and even burn the LED. When purchasing, it can be tested from two aspects.
First, after working in continuous strong light mode for 10 seconds, touch the shell near the LED of the curing machine for a few seconds, so as not to feel hot. Of course, when testing the machine, you should avoid making the machine emit strong light for a long time in succession, so as to prevent the LED from overheating and being damaged.
Second is to test the change of light intensity over time, let the curing machine work in continuous strong light mode, the light intensity at the beginning of the test work and the light intensity at 10 seconds of work, the less the light intensity decreases, the better, the difference between the two It is appropriate not to exceed 10%.
Dental light curing generally consists of: the light curing lamp is composed of a handle, a charging base, a hood, an isolation sleeve, a test block, an optical lens, a power plug and a power adapter.
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