Woodpecker dental led curing light

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Dental Wireless LED Curing Light Lamp
This is a very cost-effective dental wireless LED curing light lamp, the use of good effects, loved by the majority of dentists. Light intensity can reach 2000MW/cm², easily and effectively cure polymer-based restorative materials, short curing time, good curing effect.  
The handle design  
The handle is designed according to the man-machine size, which is both curved and square, giving consideration to the comfort of holding and ensuring the anti-skid grip.  
ABS transparent material, good light transmittance, high hardness, not easy to scratch, clear display of working mode and working time.
1.5W high power LED
2.Environmental colorful plastic shell
3.Lotus charging pedestal
4.Handle can be placed horizontally/upright to ensure that the light guide stick is not easy to break
5.High permeability rate of glass fiber-optic, strong, flashing, gradually strong 3 modes
6.Large capacity lithium battery, automatic standby/shutdown
7.Low battery warning
8.Suitable for all brands of resin materials
9.Long standby time of 90 days or more
1.Plug Type: US/EU (Optional)
2.Material: Plastic
3.Battery voltage: 3.7V
4.Input voltage: 110V-240V AC, 50-60Hz
5.Output voltage: DC 4.2V
6.Capability of battery: 1500mAh
7.Suitable temperature: 5℃~50℃
8.Relative humidity: ≤ 80%
9.Solidify time and depth: 5s/3mm
10.Light wavelength: 420-480nm
11.Light intensity: 1200-2000mw/cm²