Wireless dental LED Curing Light

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Dentist Dental LED Curing Light wire type, directly connect with dental unit to use. built-in lamp curing unit inside without battery it is easy for all the ways shipping. environmental plastic shell green and black 2 colors to choose. 1.5 meter silica material long wire enough for the dentist to operate. At the same time, better antioxidant and longer service life. the LED curing light for dental use 5W high power LED, 12mm high permeability glass fiber-optic light guide. There with 3 working modes of operation strong, flashing and gradually strong, the light intensity between 1200 to 2000 mw/cm² suitable for all brands of resin materials. About the working time can be adjusted to 5-40s. for the small packing to save more space in the shipment. Main unit of the dentist dental LED curing light with 2 years warranty. We are the manufacturer majoring in producing LED curing lights from 2010 to now already 11 years.  Stable quality, reasonable price and the efficient delivery speed of the curing light are popular with customers both at home and abroad. Mass or small orders are welcome, meanwhile the OEM service is available also.

item:value Input
Voltage :110V- 240V AC/50-60hz
Lithium battery voltage :DC 4.2V
LED Light Power :5W
Battery Output Voltage :DC3.6V /2200mAh
Single package size :23X17.2X5.3 cm
Lithium battery capacity 1400mAh
Solidify time and depth 5S / 3 mm
Light wavelength 420-480nm
Light intensity 1200-2000mw/cm2
Weight 0.57kg