Wireless Portable Handheld Gun low radiation Dental X Ray Machine

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Wireless Portable Handheld Gun low radiation Dental X Ray Machine
Battery pack 
Material : Lithium-Polymer - Charge Condition
Current : 1.0 A
Voltage : 16.8 VDC
Temperature : 0~40℃ 
Use condition Max. current : 20A
Voltage range : 14(min)~16.8(MAX) V
Temperature : -20℃~60℃ 
Input Voltage : 100~240 VAC 
Output Voltage : 16.8 VDC  
Current: 1.0A

Technical Specifications:
Tube focus 0.4
Tube voltage 60KV
Tube current 1.5mA
Battery capacity 5000mA
Inherent filtration 1mmAL
Emissivity leakage ≤0.1mGy/h at 1 meter
Exposure time 0.01-2.55

Features :
MX-RAY is a portable x-ray system indicated for taking diagnostic dental x-rays for  both pediatric and adialt patients using intraoral film or digital sensors
1. Real meaning portable system by using replaceable battery-pack
2. Graphic LCD window and user-friendly interface by simple button-touch 
3. LCD window indicates
1)Exposure time setup by adult and child
2)Film and digital mode
3)Operation status of the unit
4)Remaining of battery
5)Exposure time setup by part of the teeth
1.Function for user
1)Simultaneous use of digital and film
2)Automatic power disconnecting time setup
3)Continuation of back light time setup
4)Remaining voltage of battery indication
1. 3-steps time increase level by part of teeth