Twin Pen Sandblaster Two Pen Dental Lab sandblasting machine

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This machine is an essential equipment for oral restoration, mainly used for the removal of various tiny surface oxides. At the same time, glass beads can also be cast on the surface of the plastic base, thank you for your support!

1. Technical parameters:
Voltage: 110V / 220V
Power: 10 watts
Pressure: ≥4kg
Sand size: 100#~120#
Weight: 15kg

2. How to use:
1) First, plug each pipe joint tightly.
2) Insert the power cord and foot switch cord into their respective sockets, connect the power supply,
3) Unscrew the lids of the two sand cups and pour in the sand, preferably half the height of the jar, otherwise it will affect the effect of sandblasting.
4) Step on the foot switch and adjust the pressure regulating valve. The machine can work only when the pressure is greater than 4 kg. Adjust the commutation to control the sanding of the left and right pens.
5) When cleaning the sand in the machine, unscrew the screw directly below, lift the machine up, and the sand will naturally flow out from the screw hole.

3. Troubleshooting and troubleshooting
1) If the foot switch leaks air after the air pump is turned on, it means that the air connection of the foot switch is reversed, just replace it.
2), the sand is not good. Please check whether the pressure is above 4kg, first adjust the pressure regulating valve, and then check whether the sand in the sand tank is poured too much or too little. When the pressure gauge shows that there is pressure, but the pen does not emit sand and there is no air leakage, it is blocked at this time. Please unscrew the lock nut at the front of the pen barrel to clean it, then step on the foot switch to supply air, and finally screw on the lock nut.

4. Matters needing attention
1) During the use of the equipment, we must pay attention to the cleaning of dust at all times, otherwise it will cause poor contact of the electrical parts and affect the normal use.
2) The amount of sand in the sand tank should not exceed half of the volume of the sand tank to achieve the best effect.
3) The used sand needs to be sieved before it can be reused to avoid blockage of the gas path.