Touch screen portable dental x ray machine

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Portable Touch screen dental x ray machine
Colorful touch screen,the operation is more convenient;
using Toshiba tube,2mA constant current,high clear picture;
900mAh Korean lithium battery,at least can exposure 150 times;
compatible with RVG and film.

Power input:100-240VAC/50-60Hz/1.2A
Power output: 25.2DC/2A
Lithium battery capacity:900mAh
Output focal distance:200mm
Output radiation range :Φ5mm
Tube head parameters:
Power input: 25.2DC/10A
Tube voltage/current:60KV/2mA
Output power:120w
working frequency:80KHz
Maximum working tube voltage:70KvP
Exposure time :0.1-2.0s
Tube focus:0.3mm×0.3mm
Bevel angle of target surface:12 degree
Relative humidity:<75%RH
Warranty:Lifetime, 12 months