Teeth Whitening Machine Teeth Bleaching

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Dental Chair Cold Light LED Lamp Teeth Whitening Machine Teeth Bleaching Accelerator
1. Wavelength: 430nm-490nm (main light) & 395nm ~ 415nm (auxiliary light)
2. Light source: blue LED cold light source
3. Time setting: 1 ~ 59 minutes
4. Gross weight: about 1.9 kg
5. Input Power: 100-240V AC, 50 / 60Hz
6. Output Power: 12V DC, 2.2A 7.
Package including:1pc Main Unit                                        
2pcs silicone cover               
1pc Adapter                                        
1pc English Manual                                         
2pcs Goggles (as gift)

1.In line with human nature and special optical design whitening teeth
2.Robust and flexible gooseneck for easy curing at different angles
3.Function selection easy to operate
4.A digital LED with sound effects that makes it easier for physicians to use
5.Quiet and efficient fan for best heat dissipation
6.Delicate, lightweight exterior design, elegant and generous with clinic space
7.Low light and average light when whitening

1.exogenous pigment sticky stains (smoked, coffee, coke, etc.)
2.Endogenous pigmentation (mild tetracycline tooth, etc.)
3.Fluorine Spain
4.Congenital uneven color
5.Applies to unknown triggers caused by black and yellow tooth flank change

Whitening principle:
Cold light whitening the Department of the use of blue light wavelength 400 ~ 500nm (the temperature change is not obvious, it is called cold) will be applied to the tooth surface concentration of 20% to 38% peroxide whitening agent catalysis by redox hydrogen peroxide The role of free radicals, change the carbon ring structure of the pigment, so that pale teeth whiten color.
Cold light whitening indications:
The color of the tooth surface diminishes with age and even becomes amber orange. In addition, smoking, drinking coffee, tea, red wine, or congenital, genetic and drug (such as tetracycline) caused by tooth discoloration, can be through the cold light whitening to improve the color of teeth. But young and young and pregnant women are not suitable for cold light whitening.
Teeth cold light whitening steps:
Cold light whitening process usually includes ~ * oral condition assessment

Palette color
1.Scrub or clean teeth
2.Gum protection
3.Apply whitening agent
4.Light machine irradiation, 8 minutes / time, can be used 2 to 3 times
5.Remove the whitening agent and gingival protective agent, and a large number of flushing
6.View whitening effect

Cold white with or without side effects?
Cold light whitening sometimes have postoperative sensitivity, but most of this postoperative sensitivity will disappear in 1 to 2 days. After the whitening of the tooth structure under the microscope observation, and not much change, long-term follow-up did not cause tooth damage, is a safe and reliable way to whiten.
Teeth whitening effect
General clinic cold light whitening teeth whitening can make 8 to 12 levels, such as with home whitening effect better. Home whitening agent is a tooth whitening agent containing 10% ~ 16% carbamide peroxide, placed in a whitening denture, you can wear at night to sleep whitening, the effect is rapid, the use of the minimum dose to achieve good results. Whitening agent should be placed in the refrigerator when not in use. While the cold light whitening will still be back to the situation, this time you can use home whitening to maintain its whitening effect.