Teeth whitening laser machine

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Teeth whitening laser machine
1. The new structure and unique appearance, drag-type arm, blue light uniformly covers the whole mouth teeth. 2. Two-way handle type arm, multi-angle adjustment for flexible operation. 3. Unique semi-circular head design, two arches achieve the whitening effect at the same time. 4. 6  high-power blue LEDs, strong power, fan heat dissipation, completely cold light. 5. 10 seconds and 30 seconds curing time. 1-30 minutes whitening adjustment. 6. 6 kinds of light intensity, more suitable for branded tooth whitening technology gel. 7. The LED liquid crystal display shows all the information, easy to operate.
The operation steps of the whitening machine:
1. Record the color of the teeth before whitening, it is best to take photos and archive. 2. During whitening, the patient wears goggles. 3. Put in the mouthpiece, clean the mouth with clean water, and dry the tooth surface. 4. Put the moistened cotton gum strip on the lipstick. 5. Apply lip protection oil on the side and put on a masking paper. 6. After blending the whitening powder and whitening solution, apply it to the teeth, covering 12-16 teeth, with a thickness of 2 mm. 7. Adjust the lamp holder so that it illuminates the patient's mouth. The lamp should be perpendicular to the surface of the tooth, about 2cm away from the mouthpiece, and irradiate for 10 minutes. 8. Remove the whitening agent (suck away the whitening agent, avoid water), clean the surface of the teeth, and reapply the whitening agent. 9. Repeat step 7 (during the whitening process, if the patient is unwell, the doctor should reduce the light intensity and continue, if there is severe sensitivity or pain, the operation should be terminated immediately). 10. Apply fluorine. 11. If necessary, proceed to the next course of treatment.

Teeth whitening machine place of use:
1.Beauty salon, Beauty clinic, Beauty club
2.Dental clinic, Dental hospital, Oral clinic, Oral hospital
3.Hotel, Home

Laser teeth whitening lamp tooth whitening type:
1.Exogenous pigment (soak,coffee,cola,etc.)
2.Endogenous pigmentation (mild tetracycline tooth, etc.)
3.Fluorinated teeth.
4.Congenital inhomogeneous color and lustre.
5.Suitable for the black and yellow change of the tooth surface.

Dimension of frame:
arm length:660mm max,
Weight of machine 16kg
Input voltage AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Wavelength of blue light 460-490nm
Density of blue light 200-500mw/cm2
Whiten time 10-30 minutes for one time.(Max. time:99mins)