Stainless Steel Medical furniture Storage Cabinet Dental instrument cabinet

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1. The board is delicate, the corners are smooth without cutting hands, seamless edging, scratch-resistant, oil-resistant, high-temperature and waterproof.
2. There is no failure in the pull test more than 5000 times, the sliding is easy, the buckle is not easy to come out, and the lifetime warranty.
3. European certified environmentally friendly high-density board, soft vision, no reflection, no glare, no peculiar smell, no pollution, tight structure, with environmental protection monitoring report.
4. Universal wheel design, light movement, steel plate structure, good bearing capacity, wear resistance and smooth.
After-sale Service: Online technical support
Material :Stainless steel
Shelf Life :more than 3 Years
Quality Certification:ISO90001
None Size 830mm*500mm*500mm
Weight :35kg
Number of drawers :5 drawers/customizable
The material of the table Toughened glass
The color of the table brown/blue/green/Light green/yellow//customizable
The color of the body White/customizable