Quality 20:1 LED Dental Handpiece Dental Implant Motor System

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New update for efficient dental implantation

Dental implant motor
Using a 7-inch ultra-angle touch screen, the viewing angle is wider and operation is easier.

Newly developed new generation implant system with faster response and easier operation.

The engine is newly upgraded, with more power and more stable performance.

The hidden design of the peristaltic pump makes the installation of the irrigation tube more convenient. Add irrigation tube clamp design to make machine lines more regular.
This is an implanter, but not just an implantologist, but okay, serving 90% of the area of ​​​​dental restoration.

1.Custom Mode + Low Speed ​​Handpiece
For polishing, cutting, orthodontic preparation, restorative grinding, etc.

2.Custom mode + extended handpiece
It is used for deep oral surgery, third molar extraction, apical resection, apical drilling, fenestration, etc.

3.Custom mode + sterile surgical handpiece

4.User-defined mode + sterile extraction handpiece
This can shorten the time of the tooth extraction operation, reduce the damage to the patient, and reduce the fatigue of the dentist.

The new generation motor has high power and constant stability, providing precise hole preparation and smooth implantation.

For polishing, deep caries removal, dentin removal, as well as ceramic, occlusal corrective surgeries.

You could choose to add 20:1 led dental handpiece,and the price add USD120.