Handheld dental X-Ray Machine

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This model combines the advantages of similar products found at home and abroad; it eliminates the shortcomings of the on-frequency X-ray machine (high current intensity and excess amounts of scrap x-rays). Using a Toshiba 0.3 micro-focus tube.The tube voltage frequency of this machine is 30 KHz, and the tube current is 1 MA. The radiation scope is at an angle of 24 degrees, located within a distance of 1.2 meters ahead. This is an innovative Chinese design named the "Green X-ray Machine."

1.High frequency, high definition and low dose.
2.Small size and light weight, easy to carry.
3.500 dental films can be taken with one charge.
4.Can match digital sensor.

Technical Data

Tube voltage:65KV
Tube current:1mA
Exposure time:0.1~1.8s
High pressure generator:30kHz DC
Rated power:60W
Focal spot to skin distance:>20CM
Focus spot size:0.3mm(TOSHIBA)
Radiation leakage:<20u gy/h
Battery:24V 2600MA
Charger:16.8V 800MA
Dimensions:37 cm*31 cm*28cm (L*W*H)