Professional LED Dental Ultrasonic Scaler

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The technical specification:
Automatic Frequency Tracking 
Patented Liquid Pumps, Digital Controlled 
Function: Scaling, Perio, Endo
Two Water supply: Auto-water supply
Handpiece: LED detachable handpiece
Scaler tips:G4*1 G5*1 G6*1 P1*1 P3*1 P4*1 P4D*1 E1*1
Weight of main unit  1.59kg
Size ( mm) 180mm,180mm,150mm
Rated input 220VAC 50Hz /110VAC 60Hz
Input Power 38VA
Fuse of main unit TO .5AL 250V
Fuse of power supply ---
Primary tip vibration excursion <90um
Tip vibration frequency  28khz±3kz
output power of tip  3-20w
Half-excursion force 0.5N-2N
Water entrance pressure 0 .01MPa-0.5MPa
Handpiece model HP-5L ( WithLED lamp ,Detachable )
Function setting G/P/E
Touch control YES
Water bottle Yes with