Dental Root endo motor

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Wireless dental endo motor is a root canal treatment equipment.  We supply more kinds of high quality wireless dental endo motor for you. Endodontic equipment from all the Liangya dental products with a great choice of endo motors, obturation units, and endodontic handpieces.   
This is a newly upgraded Portable Cordless Dental Root Canal Handpiece. According to customer feedback, our product design team upgraded and improved the original product.  The grip part is smaller and more comfortable to use.  The nose was changed to a 360-degree swivel to better reach the treatment position. 

Four working modes

Automatic Stop
(when the resistance higher than the torque, there is no automatic reverse, and the equipment will stop working.)
Forward & Reverse Reciprocating Motion
(it will keep forward and reverse circularly, the time would be forward 1/2 seconds, reverse 1/4 seconds)
Automatic Reverse & Stop
(when the resistance higher than the torque, the equipment will auto-reverse, and then stop after the resistance disappeared.)
Auto- continuous
(when the resistance higher than the torque, the equipment will auto-reverse.and will be forward again after the resistance disappeared.) 
External manual reverse system bypass the situation of stuck file.

Technical parameters:
Procedures: 9 kinds
Standard head: 16:1
Speed: 140-550
Voltage: DC3.7 V
Battery capacity: 800mAh
Working mode: 4 kinds
Body weight: 230g
Torque: 0.3 to 3.0
Output voltage: DC5V
Power: AC110-220V 50-60Hz
Warranty: 1 year