Hot Sell Dental electric digital endodontic pulp vitality tester teeth nerve pulp tester

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Feature and function :

1.Preset speed mode(high-mid-low speed)>
2.Agentle,pulsed stimulus begins to increase at a rate specifically designed for patient comfort.
3.If the patient indicates perception,simly release the button,the stimulus stops immediately,but the numbers remian frozen on the screen for about 3 minutes.
4.Specifically designed for patient confort.
5.Convenient to operate.
6.Maximum stimulus ---80.between 0-40,the patient feels ache and anesthesia,alive teeth nerve.
7.Between 40-80,with above-mentioned reaction,part of teeth nerve dead;80,no above-mentioned reaction,dead teeth nerve.
8.The device turns itself off in three minutes after operation(No wasted batteries).

Product name: Dental pulp vitality tester
Input-maximum: 80V
Output: DC 9V
Current 90mA
Voltage range DC 6-10V
Size 186x38x24mm