Dental wireless LED light curing

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Dental LED Curing Light for sale dual-color LED curing light, correct 3 functions in 1, with led curing light, light meter and caries detection 3 functions together. Blue light for cured function, purple light is for caries detection, the charging base with photometer for testing light intensity and the charge is inductive type without the contact pin simple and convenient for user. 
These LED curing lights boast strong output, and come with a variety of time settings, handle styles and curing tips.  While early models were not entirely compatible with different bonding systems, most now come with wavelengths that can cure most common materials.  With new, and more powerful models emerging all the time, search below to find your own ultra-quiet, ultra-portable, and ultra-powerful LED dental curing light.

1.Three main functions: 5 seconds curing, caries detection, light meter function
2.Light intensity > 1600MW/C ㎡, 1500mAh large capacity battery
3.Strong light, half light, gradually bright, pulse four working modes
4.Automatic standby/shutdown, low power display

Capability of battery host :D.C. 3.7V
Input Voltage :110V-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Battery (rechargeable) lithium ion battery
Battery capacity:  1400mAh
Battery voltage: 4.2V
Applicable temperature:  5℃-50℃
Relative humidity:  80% Curing time and depth:  5s/3mm
Blue light wavelength:  420-480nm