Dental Wireless Dental Surgery Security Oral Painless anesthesia booster

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Product Description
1. Computer control,constant-speed anesthetic injecting. 
2. It has suck-back function and completes all the oral anesthesia work.
3. Small size and light weight, which makes you carry it conveniently. 
4.The inductive switch makes the operation be flexible.
5. LCD displayer visually displays all the functions, which makes the anesthetic-pushing dose be accurate. 
6. Without pedal switch, perfectly combining needle-held operation and one-button operation.
7. Two operation modes; 6 grades of speed for you to regulate. 
8. Being set with prompt tone of anesthetic dose, which makes anesthetic injection be precise.
    Inlaid with 6 relaxing songs, which makes patients be relaxed and doctor be easy. 
9. Compatible with inch thread needle and metric thread needle.
10. No consumable of pipe, saving cost of medical department and decreasing anesthetic waste.