Dental Ultrasonic Scaler Scaling Perio Sealed Handpiece+Tips

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Dental Ultrasonic Scaler Scaling Perio Sealed Handpiece+Tips
Product information 
1.Automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always works on the best frequency and performs more steadily.
2.Detachable handpiece can be autoclaved under the high temperature of 135 and pressure of 0.22Mpa avoiding cross-infection effectively.
3.The material of handpiece made in America which is the appointed material of aero plastic components in Europe and America, with high durability and long lasting power and generate little heat.
4.Digitally controlled, easy operation and more efficient for scaling.
5.To eliminate the dental calculus, bacterial plaque, and tea scales on the teeth quickly without hurting the gum and the enamel.
6.With comfortable scaling, no soreness and the tips does not heat.
7.Small and light designed easy operation.
8.Reasonable price and lifetime maintenance.

Power :30VA~48VA
Water pressure:0.01MPa~0.05MPa
Packing dimension:33cm*23cm*11cm
Packing weight:1.6KG
Power supply:110v~220V±10% ,50Hz/60Hz ± 1Hz, 150mA