Dental Sterilization Sealing Material Roll

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Medical sterile autoclave plastic paper bag heat sealing dental sterilization pouch roll

Materials Composition

• 60/70gsm High Quality Medical Grade Paper

• Reinforced Medical Grade Multilayer PET/CPP Film(Blue/Green)


• Suitable for EO and Steam sterilization

• Superior vapor and condensation resistance

• Printed with Class 1 process indicators compliant with ISO 11140-1

• Tri-ribbed side seals

• Manufactured under BS EN ISO 13485: 2016 standards

• Customizable graphics

• Regular Sizes: 

SVFR-050 50mm X 200m 12ROLLS/CARTON 
SVFR-055 55mm X 200m 10ROLLS/CARTON 
SVFR-075 75mm X 200m 8ROLLS/CARTON 
SVFR-100 100mm X 200m 6ROLLS/CARTON 
SVFR-120 120mm X 200m 4ROLLS/CARTON 
SVFR-125 125mm X 200m 4ROLLS/CARTON 
SVFR-150 150mm X 200m 4ROLLS/CARTON 
SVFR-200 200mm X 200m 2ROLLS/CARTON 
SVFR-250 250mm X 200m 2ROLLS/CARTON 
SVFR-300 300mm X 200m 2ROLLS/CARTON 
SVFR-350 350mm X 200m 2ROLLS/CARTON 
SVFR-400 400mm X 200m 2ROLLS/CARTON 
SVFR-450 450mm X 200m 2ROLLS/CARTON