Dental Shadowless Workbench Oral Workbench With Alumina Sandblasting Machine Grinding Vacuum Cleaner Dust Box

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Installation Notes:
1: Install the grinder.
2: Install the foot switch.
3: Put the alumina and blasting powder into the powder tank, and put it into 2/3 of the powder tank, and tighten the lid.
4: Connect the power cord and check whether the power plug is stable and firm.
5: Turn on the power switch, operate the switch button of the grinder and the sandblaster, select the work indicator of the
grinder or the sandblaster, step on the foot switch, the grinder or the sandblaster will work, and adjust the speed of the grinder
according to the actual situation. and dust storms.6: Remove the four thumbscrews at the back, install and clean the dust cloth
bag, and clean and replace the dust filter regularly.
Technical Parameters of Shadowless Mobile Technician:
2.Input voltage:220VAC/50Hz
4.Machine size:400*400*1000mm weight:35KG
Shadowless Mobile Workbench Packing List:
2.power cable:1
3.polisher:1 set
5.Warranty Card:1
6.Certificate of Qualification:1