Dental sealing machine

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Dental disinfect sealing machine
1. Ideal sealing condition--adjustable sealing temperature.
2. Tidy cut--installed bi-blade cutting device to make sure the tidy cut.
3. Easy operation--knock-down bang hanging bar is suitable for all kind of sterilizer sealing bags.
4. Quality guarantee--heating material is made of space flight materials.

Operation mode:
When the green light stops flashing, get ready to work
The heandles can be in 2 directions operation
Keep pressing the handle>3seconds--Sealing completed
Keep pressing the handle>6seconds--It will make alarm
Keep pressing the handle>30seconds--Automatic poer-off protection

1.This sealing machine has very precise temperature control system, which can set the
temperature by rotatable temperature button.
2. The rotatable button should be set on 1/3 when using asepsis packing material
3. First rotate the rotatable button in a counterclockwise direction to reduce the
temperature, then in clockwise direction to increase the temperature until the quality
of sealing reach the requirement. This setting is suitable for the same material.
4. This sealing machine can keep constantly quality of sealing with transparent
sterilizing material throughout.
5. Tubular shape chaff material is not allowed to use for that is very easy to stick to
the stem sealing.

Voltage :AC 230V, 50-60Hz
Power :100W
Sealing speed :7.5m/min
Sealing width :12mm
Max sealing width :280mm
Sealing temperature :200±100 degree