Dental Portable X Ray Unit High Frequency Dental X-Ray Machine

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Dental Portable X Ray Unit/High Frequency Dental X-Ray Machine/Dental Imaging System With Touch Screen Equipment
1.Purelmport Toshiba High-frequency X-ray tube
2.High frequency inverter technology output is more stable
3.Custom ultra-high capacity lithium battery is more durable
4.One-click RVG digital mode conversion more accurately
5.Boot self-checking conventional fault automatic report errors
6.Humanized color LCD screen Settings interface is more concise
7.Built-in temperature control, high voltage and low voltage protection safety
Input power-X-ray machine: 25.2VAC,2.0A
Input power-charger: 100-220VAC,50-60Hz,1.2A
Output power-X-ray machine: 80W
Output power-lithium battery: 22.2VDC,10A
Tube voltage/current: 60KV/1mA(Built-in adjustable)
Lithium battery capacity: 7800mAh
working frequency: 20KHz
Exposure time: 0.2-2.0S
Nominal focus value: 0.3mm
Total filtration: 1.75mmAl
Display method: LCD touch screen
Packing specification: 35*16*25cm
net weight: 2.0kg