Dental oral LED lamp

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Dental oral LED lamp for sales
1.6 high-power LED lights, reserved for the position of the camera system.
2.Detachable handle for easy disinfection.
3.The illuminance is adjustable (stepless adjustment), and the color temperature is between 5000-5300K, just like natural light, reducing the damage to eyes caused by long-term operation.
4.Rotate freely, the shaft is flexible, the center of gravity can be fixed at any angle on the same line at will, so that the light spot can hit the position you need at will.
5.Touch button and induction dual control switch.
6.The color of the entire light spot is uniform, and the illuminance value of the large central area (40*80mm) is consistent with the same color temperature value, which effectively overcomes the color separation caused by the direct lens and reduces the impact on the photosensitive material.

Input voltage: AC12-24V
Power: 15watt
Illumination: 1000-35000LUX
Color temperature: 4000K
Spot size: 80X160mm
Packing: Carton
Control: Sensor Sensor
Handle: Detachable for cleaning
Box size:43*36*20cm