Dental Material Warmer Equipment dental composite heater

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Dental Composite Resin Heater for Dental Resin Material
Input voltage:100v-240v/50-60HZ
Power:11 w
Heating temperature range:30-70℃
The temperature error:plus or minus 1% 
Temperature Setting:Press the SET button for one second, the SV display starts to flash, then press the up and down buttons to set the temperature you want, next press the SET button again. The SV display number stops flashing and the machine starts to heat.
Heater’s heating process is quick, temperature can be increased to around 50 ℃ within 1 minute, the heater is prohibited to use beyond 80℃, it is not safe to use under high temperature.
Fox example, you need to be heated resin, then set temperature at 50 degrees, the heater will keep stable around 50-51℃,If you do not need 50℃ now, and only need 45℃, then you should just set temperature at 45℃, after that, the heater stops heating, temperature will decrease by natural cooling, the heater will activate constant temperature mode until reach the setting temperature.  
Used for heating tooth repair resin, increase liquidity resin, plasticity.
39 ℃ - ideal resin plastic temperature
55 ℃ - ideal resin bonding temperature.