Dental LED lamp

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Dental 9 bulbs light dental chair LED lamp

Control method:
1.Color temperature setting:
Press the "M" key, and "CT-5000K" flashes on the display screen. Then press the "--" or "+" keys to set the color temperature of the white light. After that, press the "M" key again to complete the color temperature setting. The color temperature range is set to 4000-5000K.
2.Brightness setting:
Press the "M" key, when the display screen "" is flashing, press the" - "or" + "key to set the brightness.
3.Induction control on or off:
The white light can be turned on or off by passing the hand 50-120mm below the sensor
4.Induction control brightness:
When there is light output, place the hand in a place 50-120mm away from the inductor. The brightness of the white light can change gradually from dark to bright. After the hand leaves, it will be the brightness at that time. A total of 8 levels of brightness can be controlled.
5.Single yellow setting:
As shown in Figure 1, long press the "--" button for one second, the color temperature will directly drop to 3000K and the output light will turn yellow, which is suitable for resin filling.
If you want to return the original color temperature value, just press "-" button again to change back to the original color temperature.

Technical parameter:
input voltage :AC 12-24V
color temperature:4500K+5000k
spot size:80*160m(distance for 700mm)
Amount of led tube:9/pcs
dimension of carton:44.5*38.5*20.5cm
Weight of one carton:2.7kg
Amount of one carton:1 piece