Dental Laminator Dental Lab Equipment Small Dental Vacuum Former Vacuum Forming And Molding Machine

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Dental Vacuum Forming machine Instructions:
1. Pull the lever first, then place the trimmed plaster model on the vacuum net.
2. Place the film on the interlayer and tighten the screw knob.
3. Turn on the heating switch to observe the softness of the film and wait until the film is heated evenly.
4. Press the tie rod to cover the heated soft film on the plaster model.
5, turn off the heating switch, open the vacuum switch, vacuum for 10-15 seconds, the braces can be formed.
6. Use the pen to mark the gingival margin outside the film.
7. After the film is cooled, remove the excess film with scissors or a grinder to complete the braces.

1. Heavy-duty vacuum motor provides precise downward suction
2. Features a symmetrical heating system, ensuring uniform heat distribution
3. Adjustable, rust-resistant body accommodates various materials
4. Suitable for a wide range of clinical applications
5. Non-rotating sliding frame makes operation easy and stress-free
6. Compatible with all dental thermoplastics

Technical Data:
Voltage: 220V/50Hz plusmn 10% OR 110V/60Hz plusmn 10%;
Power: 1000W
Dimensions: 25 times 21 times 30cm
Weight: 6kg