Dental laboratory equipments tools electric wax knife 2 pens carving lab waxer for denture

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product description:
1.This product is special equipment for dental technicians, and it is an appliance for electrical engraving and paraffin model forming.
2. He can provide a variety of engraving nozzles (6EA), easy to adjust the temperature, and perform precise paraffin operation with very high efficiency.
3.The heat is transferred to the model, the product has a long life, and it is designed according to ergonomics and easy to operate.
4.Stable voltage supply and small temperature deviation. The temperature (Celsius/Fahrenheit) status of the design is displayed on the display window, which can be viewed at any time and is easy to operate.
5.When the power supply is disconnected or closed, the previous operating temperature can be memorized.
Standard configuration:
1. One electric wax knife controller
2. Two wax knife holders
3. Two electric wax knife pens
4. 6 electric wax knife welding tips
1. Please do not touch the cutter head during use, because it is very hot. Do not touch product with wet hands.
2. When it is necessary to replace the electric wax knife head, be sure to turn off the power and wait for the wax knife head to cool down completely before replacing it.
3. Never use damaged or torn power cords, plugs, sockets. (Otherwise it may cause fire or electric shock.)!!!
4. Do not bend the power cord forcibly, and do not put the power cord under heavy objects. (Otherwise it may cause fire or electric shock.)!!!
5. Do not block the ventilation at the bottom of the device, and do not cut off the power supply in case of thunder or lightning.