dental handpiece lubrication machine

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dental handpiece lubrication and cleaning machine

Commodity description:
1. Three working modes, 2. Three dental handpieces can be oiled at the same time, 3. Separately blow out the air and blow the chips, 4. Equipped with special interface for straight machine and bending machine, 5. With oil quantity display.
This machine automatically cleans and lubricates the internal precision parts of the dental handpiece, improves work efficiency, and can clean and lubricate all air pipes, water pipes, and air jet pipes. Simple and accurate cleaning and oiling of straight or high-speed handpieces at any time High security, simple operation, easy to master, anyone can operate It can clean and oil three oral handpieces at the same time. This machine needs air from an air compressor to work! !

(1) Normal Voltage:AC220V±22V, 50Hz±10Hz
(2) Rate Power: 40W
(3) Air pressure: 4kg/cm²-8kg/cm²
(4) Working pressure: 2.2kg/cm²-2.5kg/cm²
(5) Volume:300ml
(6) Motor parameter:
Nominal Voltage: DC12V
Rated power:6W
Rotating speed:3000rpm/min
(7) Working Temperature:5℃-40℃
(8) Net weight: 7.0kg
(9) Net size:300x230x360mm