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This type of dental mobile turbine is equipped with a large injection molding instrument panel, beautiful, handpiece cart can be rotated, ultra-quiet with medical brake special wheels, very stable when moving, solid material to force, is the choice of dentistry, pet hospital, beauty, welcome to order, a large amount of concessions! (The use of this product must be connected to the air source of the air compressor to normal use!)


Mobile Dental curbine Unit/Trolley (no compressor) 2hole or 4hole are available.

Bottle Water and tap water supply available.

Product dimension: 58*44*84cm (height can be adjusted to 9cm)

Remarks: Before operation this therapeutic device need to connect with oil free compressor.

Standard Accessories:

1-Saliva ejector :1set

2-way air/water syringe :1set

3-High speed air turbine Handpiece tube: 1set

4-Low speed air turbine Handpiece tube :1set

5-Saliva ejector water blue bottles 1000ML: 1set

6-24V Low pressure film viewer :1set

7-Clean water bottle 600ML: 1set

8-Foot pedal: 1set

9-Net/Gross Weight: 20Kg/24Kg

10-Dimension/C :L58*W44*H84

11-Honeycomb :carton

Package size/CM :L69*W52*H41