Dental built in electric micromotor LED brushless electrical motor for 1:5 1:1 16:1 handpiece

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Feature and function :
The user must ensure that the unit works properly and is in satisfactory condition before each use or operation.
This unit is designed for use in dentistry only and may only be used by trained medical personnel. Any other type of use is not permitted.
Purpose-Proper use
"Proper use" includes following all the instructions for use and ensuring that all inspections and service tasks are
1)The unit was operated in accordance with the instructions for use, care and installation.
2)The unit must be cleaned and serviced according to instructions.


Product Description: This electric micromotor, specifically designed for dental procedures, comes equipped with a built-in LED and brushless electrical motor. It has a connection for E type handpieces and a rotating speed range of 2000 to 40000rpm. With a maximum torque of 3.4Ncm, it offers gear ratios of 1:1, 1:5, and 16:1, making it suitable for a variety of handpieces.