Dental Aluminum Oxide Gun Alumina Air Abrasion Polisher System Micro etcher Sandblaster Sandblasting Gun

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Features & Benefits
1. High quality stainless steel structure, solid and durable;Easy to use, quick and light in appearance
2. High-temperature and high-strength engineering material sand tanks to ensure a firm grip structure;
3. European machinery fine processing technology, high surface finish, easy to clean, more suitable for high temperature and high pressure sterilization;
4. Perfect design, precise and scientific distribution of the quality of each part;
5. The sand jar can be used as a handle grip, which is comfortable and convenient. As a sandblasting powder container,the wall of the jar is dense, preventing the intrusion of moisture and other pollutions.
6. Gun side high sensitive touch switch, start and stop by the heart;
7. The nozzle can be rotated 360 ° design, any position can be accurately sprayed;
8. Convenience and gas connection;
9. Precise blasting direction and range;
10.European quality, accurate tolerances, seamless structure, and prevent loose parts from falling off.
11. This product can connect with global 2 or 4 hole dental chair.
12. Product use for : to increase the viscosity of the tactile surface, roughening
13. the surface of the metal composite material, tungsten Steel, fiber post, inlay surface.

Link way: 2/4 hole teeth general autoclavable chair
Opertion air pressure: 0.3-0.6kgf/cm²
Sand quantity:  1.5g/min-3.59g/min
Sandblasting hole:  Φ0.4mm
Sandblasting head: rotate 360°
Air abrasion master recommended:  50-90μm high purity