Dental Air prophy Polisher

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Dental Air prophy Polisher for dental chair:

Product:hole 2 holes /4 holes
Usage To remove tartar, stain or polish the surface of teeth
Water flow:50-80ml/min
Specification Air supply pressure: 2.5-4.0Bar(2500-4000hPa)
Water supply pressure: 0.7-2.0Bar(700-2000hPa
Configuration 1 sandblasting machine, 1 pass needle, 3 replacement O rings, 2 color sandblasting covers, and 1 manual

Cleaning and maintenance
1. After each use of the sand-blasting machine, the remaining sand-blasting powder in the powder cartridge must be completely
discarded. If used again, it may cause blockage of the gun body or nozzle.
2. Thoroughly clean the inside and outside, and ensure that all powder residues are clear, the machine must be completely dry storage.
3. If any cracks are found, please be sure to replace the cartridge and the cartridge cover immediately, or eliminate the
treatment, so as to avoid the risk of breaking the cartridge cover in the process of use.
4. The parts of the sandblasting tooth cleaning machine where O ring is seen should be regularly coated with lubricant. If local water leakage or air leakage occurs, a new O ring should be replaced.
5. The high-temperature sterilization and disinfection parts of this product are only limited to the metal nozzle of the
sandblasting tooth cleaning machine (134℃ sterilization for 15min or 121℃ sterilization for 20min), and other parts cannot be high-temperature sterilization. Apron and sand cup cover is recommended to use alcohol to wipe disinfection.