17 Inch Endoscope system Dental Intraoral Camera with Monitor

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17 Inch Endoscope system Dental Intraoral Camera with Monitora set included three parts:
Intra Oral Camera
17#LED Monitor
Intra Oral Clamp

1. Wired USB/VGA Type
2. 3Mega Pixels
3.CCD Technology
4. Large capacity SD card all-in-one design, can take almost unlimited number of images
5.provide 720p HD video recording, can be arbitrary grab screenshots any process details for analysis
6. system have clock system management function
7.Standard: A-1 for 17 inch white screen5:4
Optional: A-2 for 15 inch white screen 5:4
Optional: A-3 for 19 inch white widescreen 16:9

Issue Support and Explanation
Monitor cannot turn on :Please check the adapter work or not.
Picture Quality :Please check whether there is smear on thescreen or camera lens. If none, please contact the agent.
No date in the USB device :Please check whether USB device can be recognized on computer.
Black screen or no signal: Inverter board or circuit board is damaged.
Picture cannot show fully:or not in a right position Press AUTO key on remote control to adjust screen automatically.
No image while using:ntraoral Camera Please check whether it connected well.