1 second dental LED curing light lamp

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Ruito LED curing light is an instrument capable of generating and transmitting a high intensity blue light with a wavelength oscillating between 400-500 nm that is designed specifically to polymerize visible light sensitive dental material. Compared with ordinary light curing machines, 1 second curing light has a light intensity of up to 2000mw/cm2, which can cure 2 mm - 3 mm composite resin in one second, so it is often used in dental orthodontics and veneer operations.

The constant current technology, which used in 1 second curing light, will minimize the impact of battery power on the stability of light intensity of the light curing machine, so as to ensure that the light intensity is stable and sufficient to cure the composite resin when the user uses the machine.

In addition,1 second curing light is also equipped with a strong light mode and a gradual strong light mode for normal teeth fillings. Because of its high light intensity, it can greatly reduce working time and improve work efficiency.


- Covered by ABS painting

- Solidify all brands of resin materials

- High articulation optical fiber

- Three kinds of working modes

- Automatic standby/ automatic shut down within 20s

- 10W big power LED

- Light power is more than 2000mw/cm2

- Low battery alert

Product Information

Parameter :Results

Category :Wireless one second led curing light

Material :ABS

Color :Blue, Green, Red, White

Function Strong; flashing; gradually strong

Solidification :Depth 1s / 3mm

Wavelength :420~480nm

Light Power :10W LED light,more than 2000mw/cm²

Battery :2200mAh Lithium Battery

Power input :AC100-240V, 50~60Hz

Application :Dental clinic and dental hospital

Warranty period :2years for main unit; 6 months for spare parts (except light sticker) Delivery time :Within 3 working day after payment